1. What are the reasons any student would want to learn on edgenus?

    Edgenus provides personalised guidance to every individual who has a willingness to learn and grow in his/her interest area. We connect learners with best-in-class mentors who not only provide domain related knowledge but also offer key resource recommendations, domain insights, future outlook and real-time feedback which helps any passionate individual to smoothly upscale in the interest area.
  2. How can one access Mentors on Edgenus?

    A user can register on www.edgenus.com and can connect with the most relevant mentor in the following ways:
    • By enrolling in the workshop/ masterclass conducted by the mentor. Check-out our Event catalogue to view our active live workshops
    • By visiting a relevant Mentor’s profile and blocking his/her calendar for a 1:1 connect. Users are provided a report after every connect where the feedback from the mentors are incorporated.
  3. How can you create your profile on Edgenus?

    Login > Go to “My profile” > Add your Bio, Education and Experience so that we at Edgenus can understand & serve you better
  4. What are some benefits of a live session as opposed to a recorded session?

    A recorded class is an instructor-led model where the teacher has control over the class. On the other hand, live session is a more interactive and cohesive learning model where the learner has better accessibility to the instructor and more veto. Also, a live session allows the learner to clear the doubts then and there v/s a recorded session where the learner has to separately get to the visibility of the instructor through emails/comments.
  5. How can users view and book live classes at Edgenus?

    Here are the ways you can know about the live classes happening at Edgenus:
    1. Creating an account on Edgenus- After this you become a part of our family and we constantly update you about the relevant live classes through Emails notifications and on-product welcome messages.
    2. Social Media- Edgenus is immensely active on different social media platforms like Instagram, facebook, Quora, Youtube , Tumblr as well as Linkedin . Once you follow Edgenus on any of these Social media channels - you can get to know about the latest masterclass happening online
    3. Telegram group - to keep our community members (users) involved with us - we have an active Telegram group where you receive notifications about any new event/class happening on Edgenus and also become a part of the discussion groups, where you can clear your doubts/queries. Once you land on the page on the relevant class for you, through any of the above suggested ways (better to leverage all the ways to never miss a chance to learn and network), you can book and get the link to the class.
  6. How can you become a mentor at Edgenus? (Option to be put up in the website)

    To become a mentor at Edgenus, please follow the below process:
    1. Sign Up on Edgenus
    2. Go to edit Profile and select MENTOR as user type
    3. Contact Us
    4. Our team will carefully review your profile and reach out to you for further discussions.
    5. Once your profile is approved - you will be featured on our website as a MENTOR, as your profile will be created.
    6. Start creating events and open your calender for one on one sessions.
  7. How do i book a 1-1 mentoring session? And how does it work?

    Link to the 1-1 session portal can be added here. The concept of mentoring helps you get personalised guidance, review and feedback during the course of your learning and growth. Mentoring sessions can be booked anytime irrespective of the skillset you have (before entering a particular domain, during the learning process and post your training). We aim to provide the right direction to every individual according to their needs and goals.
  8. How do i choose the right mentor for my field of interest?

    We are dedicated to bring in best- in- industry mentors for you, But we have a few parameters which can help you choose the mentor best-fit for you. Using the appropriate filters for a particular domain.skill, you can sort the mentors on the basis of “Reviews, Rating, Area of Expertise, Experience” Once you have selected a particular mentor, you can read more about a mentor -”Bio, Workshops conducted and Achievements”