About us

In today's world the amount of money a person makes is directly the deciding factor of the happiness one would have in their lives, and that is why most of us are scared to follow our passion because we think that it would not make us money while the truth is, we just do not have the proper guidance to turn our passion into a career that brings in money. That is one major gap because of which naysayers are able to influence today's youth to follow the old-school approach when it comes to deciding your future.

Our concept-
We believe that opportunity does exist, even for those who are tapping their feet into careers that are naive to the market. Its just about getting the right wisdom to hear it when it knocks our door. At Edgenus, we aim to provide a mentor driven guidance to the enthusiasts and early stage artists so that these future achievers can build an informal relationship with the current achievers in the respective industries, and can know the tips and tricks to scale up in their interest area

Our accord-
We are a group of achievers, career experts, strategists, and entrepreneurs- all with a common vision that seeks to promote the culture of interest driven career opportunities in Indian market. Begin your path towards success with Edgenus by trusting us with your career choices and engage in the journey of growing in your passion.

What we do

Goal setting-
Want to save your efforts figuring out what's best for you? Take the personality assessment test designed by our specialists and know which career suits you. Our Career coaches also help you to connect with your inner-self and seek the career path that you desire.

Mentor driven guidance-
We believe that the best way to achieve your goals and succeed in any field is Mentor Driven Guidance. Our featured sessions will help you explore the domain in a greater depth and know the tips and tricks to reach greater heights.

Live interactions -
Book calendars of experts in fields of your field of interest and connect with them informally. Learn from their experience through workshops and 1-1 interactions. These live interactions allow you to stay updated about the resources and opportunities around you.

Career opportunities -
Collaborate with your mentors to work on exciting projects and reflect these certified projects in your portfolio.